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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sweet Sundays - Oh My...

Visiting local shops at our fav hang out way back when we were still in highschool wearing our blue pleated skirts!
(Huhu. Memories)

I forgot to post yesterday! And then I just remembered when I got home last night. So yeah. Here it is... My first Sweet Sunday post but not on a Sunday. Usually on Sundays it's family day but unfortunately my Mom and Dad had business to do, my sister didn't want to live the house because she was too lazy to take a bath. On a good timing during lunch time, my Aunt Monet came with her kids and a maid, my mom and dad arrived a few minutes later, and then my cousin called me and asked if I wanted to come with her at Robinson's Manila to go shopping together. Of course I'd say yes. What else would I do at home, right? It was all at perfect timing.
(Photo by: Maureen Chua. Styled by yours truly. Hat by Top Man , Top from MG99 , Jeans by Mossimo jeans , necklace from F.Kingdom)

January has been such a good start of the year for us (family). My dad is being invited back to work again at his previous company. My mom finally started the business partnership at Japan. I just hope and Pray that it may continue and go boom in the business world.

Starbucks. A perfect place to chill after a an afternoon of shopping! Ice Tea, how it's done! Yum! (Photo by: Maureen Chua. At Starbucks Torre Lorenzo in Vito Cruz Taft) I'll be posting what we shopped for on TGIFridays this January 30th. Also watch out for the very first fashion feature by Skipping Breakfast at Nikki's. Peace Out!

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