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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Nice to know you, Subic!

Ending the 2015 with  an adventure

Okay so let say all of the places you've been, you went with a relative, right? But with this one, It was an Adventure of a lifetime for me. It's the very first trip where we didn't have adults with us (or in this case, we're the only adult present!). It was just me, Don, and he's little love bug we picked up from SM, Pampanga.

Who knew we'd reach Subic on our own? Traveling via bus from Manila to Pampanga to Olonggapo to Subic! It was ridiculous! (like in a good way, you know?). Relying on the internet for directions isn't half bad. The budget was definitely friendly from a traveller's perspective.

After picking up Jason from SM,Pampangga, we rode a bus going to the city of Olonggapo. A place which had a very enchanting history behind its name. And right after that we went straight to the port of All Hands Beach Resort.

(Shorts by Speedo Women, Sports Bra by HerBench, Bag from United Colors of Benetton, Watch from Guess Watch, Aviators by Ray Ban, Old Cap by Adidas, Towel from SM Dept.)

The beach resort was clean, beautifully modernized, and have just about the friendliest staff ever. It was a perfect spot for a beginner traveler. The water is so clear, you'd see small fishes swim around your legs, which i gotta tell you, was super cool! Felt like I was in a big fish bowl. Hehe!

And of course speaking of adventure, not only was daylight a surprise, as the night goes deeper, I peeked out my sleeping tent, a sky full of amazing twinkling lights appeared, STARS! The most beautiful sky of stars my eyes have ever seen! I even saw two falling stars. I made a wish of course. Lol! I've got nothing to loose anyway. 

I'll certainly be back at the All hands beach resort and this time I'm gonna share it with my love ones. so that they'd also experience the same magical feeling I had when I was here.

Peace out! <3

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