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Let's collab on that! :) Whether you wanna do an article for your page or feature a travel or whatever you want, we can do it together.

I haven't posted any of my collabs yet but it's in still in a working progress. It's always because of conflict schedules that the collabs do get delayed. BUT! If you schedule the collab earlier on a set date, we'll definitely have that posted up and go quicker than you can say quick! For further questions click on "Contact Me!" and email me under business purposes as a subject. I look forward to combining our great imaginations together! (will reply within the week email is sent. 3-5 business days approximately)

Need help? or Tips? Join our Blogger Sesh!

Whenever a schedule of collabs are up, we invite newbies to join so that they can have the actual experience live with us and also grab more ideas instead of just reading it down a book or site. Twit me or pm me on Facebook for schedules of upcoming Collab Sesh. Pls hashtag your msg with #CollabSesh :) Thanks! Hang soon!

Start Fresh from the oven?

I also do one-on-one tutorial for STARTERS. For those who hasn't set up anything at all, I'm here to guide you step by step to achieving your dream blog! Click on "Contact Me!" in the Home Page for further instructions and details. Subject your email with : Fresh Brick

See you around!

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