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Sunday, February 19, 2017



Got caught up in a lot of work, my laptop broke, and a whole list of excuses why I wasn't able to blog at all! But now I'm hitting back hard with a better me! Better activities! aaaaaand.... better blogs!

(Photo by Justin Gail Datu. Shot at Greenbelt 5 park way.)
Shirt from Mom's Closet. High waist jeans from Cash n Carry Good finds. Ked's Shoes

One of my excuses is I just transferred to a new company and then I quit and then I in another company. This time I know I'll be staying for good. BUT! yes there's a "but", I'll tell you soon or it's here... hmmmm.... better keep reading! (Click on READ MORE. Go on. Don't be shy!)

Monday, May 2, 2016

Up-Top Tagaytay

OMG! As you've seen in my previous post for "Pares Point", I wasn't able to go back to Tagaytay in quite sometime .So you know where this is headin... TAGAYTAY! <3 Yes, I'm back to my fav unwind spot.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Adventure by the River!!!

Just when you thought everything was planned out smoothly, it turned out to be something crazier?!
Ever experienced having to plan a budget for everything for the trip but it turned out that your budgeting had a lot of holes in it? In this adventure I learned that you really can't plan everything out when you travel. Things will always happen depending on who you're with, where you're going, what you're going to do, or just plain can't plan anything on point because things will happen.

I met this new group of friends just when the year 2015 was about to end. Our very first adventure was the debut of our dear friend Angelou held at The Lake Hotel at Nasugbu Tagaytay. It was absolute craziny thus Team B was born. I'll tell you more about it once I get more pictures.